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High-quality roasted tea large-capacity commercial use economical pack / 200g / 400g /

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High-quality roasted tea large-capacity commercial use economical pack / 200g / 400g /

Product name: First-class roasted roasted tea Name: Hojicha (roasted tea) Ingredients: Green tea Contents: Tea leaves (stick) 200g / 400g (200g 2 sticks) Domestically produced

Storage method: Please be careful of the scent. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place.

Carefully selected domestic bar roasted tea. Lightly roasted to make the most of the characteristics of tencha sticks. Regular Hojicha uses tea leaves for processing Sencha, but our Bo Hojicha uses tencha stalks. Tencha is a matcha raw material, and the tencha stick uses the stems that come out when processing matcha.

The aroma may be a little weak, but it maximizes the sweetness, umami, and richness that are the characteristics of tencha sticks. Compared to tea leaves, it contains twice as much theanine, which is an umami component, and 1.5 times more piazine, which is an aromatic component. By roasting stick tea, which originally has a strong aroma, it is finished with an even more profound and fragrant tea. Please enjoy the gentle and mellow taste.

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