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Premium Gyokuro Ujicha Tea leaves from Kyoto Prefecture / 300g / 480g /

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Premium Gyokuro Ujicha Tea leaves from Kyoto Prefecture / 300g / 480g /

Product name: Gokujo Gyokuro (former product name: Tokusen Gyokuro “Shiroryoku”) Name: Gyokuro Ingredients: Green tea (Kyoto Prefecture) Contents: Tea leaves 300g / 480g

Storage method: Please be careful of the scent. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place.

Uji, Kyoto Prefecture's "Gokujo Gyokuro" has a more condensed flavor. The water color (suishoku = the color of the poured tea) is a bright golden color, and the second brew is parchment green, so please enjoy the changes in the color, taste, and aroma. Gyokuro is cultivated by covering the tea plants for about 20 days before harvesting to condense the flavor components unique to tea. You can enjoy the characteristics of traditional Uji Gyokuro, which gives a lot of fertilizer and brings out the richness and umami. You can enjoy it boiled (with hot water) or cold (with cold water). It goes well with Japanese sweets such as nerikiri. Also ideal for gifts.

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