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Ochazuke with green tea for red snapper (1 serving) (free shipping)

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Ochazuke with green tea for kinmedai 1 serving (free shipping)

*Alfonsino is currently sold out due to its popularity. Please contact us regarding the delivery schedule.

Contents: 1 serving ( Kinmedai: 1 slice, Dashi soup: 10g, Ingredients: 2g, Matcha for chazuke 3g)

Gion Kitagawa Hanbei | Kinmedai Ochazuke

[As red snapper chazuke]

Place the red snapper fillet and ingredients on top of warm rice, and then pour boiling water and dashi stock over it and enjoy. You can enjoy it even more deliciously if you devise it according to your preference, such as adding the special matcha that comes with it or adding wasabi.

[As red snapper rice (rice cooked with rice)]

Add 1 go of polished rice and 1 go of water, and after cooking in a rice cooker, add alfonsino fillet and dashi soup, sprinkle with the attached ingredients, mix well, and enjoy.

Gion Kitagawa Hanbei | Kinmedai Ochazuke

■ Expiration date

30 days or more after shipment

■ Notes

Please use up at once after opening. Please note that there may be fish bones left in the manufacturing process. The water around the red snapper is derived from fish, and the white lumps in the water are proteins that have solidified due to overheating. It's a red snapper flavor, so don't throw away the water and enjoy it together. Please note that if you open it vigorously, it may cause water to splatter. Black charred marks may remain, but this is not a quality problem as it is derived from fish. When throwing away, please follow the classification of the municipality.

■ How to save

Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

■Raw materials

[Golden bream fillet] Red bream (domestic), salt [Soup stock] Soy sauce, salt, bonito seasoning extract, sugar, fermented rice seasoning, yeast extract, dried bonito shavings, alcohol (contains wheat and soybeans in part) [Ingredients] Arare, sesame seeds, roasted seaweed, mitsuba (including some sesame seeds)

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